EFCA Survey 2021

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The FIDIC-EFCA Consulting Engineering Industry Survey is developed, managed and published under an agreement with FIDIC and EFCA by Bricad.online, a component of Bricad Associates Sàrl, Switzerland, that groups Bricad's business development online activities.

Bricad Associates' offices are at 16, route de Founex, 1296 Coppet, Switterland.

The survey is managed by Peter Boswell of PeterBoswell.com, a Bricad Associate.

FIDIC is the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, based in Geneva, Switzerland, that represents globally the consulting engineering industry.

EFCA is the European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations, based in Brussels, Belgium, that represents FIDIC in Europe.


The survey was first published in its current form in 2012 as a survey covering the European Union Member States.

Up to 2006, the survey was organised as the FIDIC Annual County Survey by a FIDIC working group and released at FIDIC's annual conference.

Following the implementation of the new UN 2008 System of National Accounts (SNA08) by Eurostat and several major countries, FIDIC commissioned Bricad in 2012 to update the survey methodology so that it made use of the greatly expanded national accounts that were now available. A survey for Europe that used the methodology was released the same year.

Subsequently, the survey released annual updates for the European Union which are presented at EFCA's annual conference and released to EFCA Member Associations.

Member Associations

In 2003, the original FIDIC Annual Country Survey surveyed FIDIC Member Associations for a wide range of industry- and association-related information.

However, in other years the survey was limited to data relating to the demand for consulting engineering services.

This same approach is still in place for the FIDIC-EFCA Survey, except that surveying is limited to EFCA Member Associations which are asked to comment on key findings. 

Further development

The FIDIC-EFCA Survey's scope, with its national accounts based methodology, includes countries other than EU Member States that are: a) considered by EFCA to make up the market in Europe for consulting engineering services; and b) provide Eurostat with national accounts that are compatible with SNA08. 

The survey can be further expanded to other countries. The difficulty is that a significant number of FIDIC Member Associations are based in countries that have not yet adopted SNA08. However, a worldwide survey with a reduced scope can be envisaged.


This main survey website survey.peterboswell.net summaries the biennial surveys and work in progress. This survey's wiki provides access to more detailed content.

Both the main website and the wiki are developed and managed by PeterBoswell.com  on behalf of Bricad Associates.


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