Related surveys


Surveys and reports that build upon or support the FIDIC-EFCA Survey

The FIDIC-EFCA Survey's methodology prompts the survey to organise its own surveys in three main areas:

  • the separation of construction investment in national accounts into three components - dwellings; other buildings; structures (essentially. civil works);
  • the demand for consulting engineering services generated by investment by State-Owned Enterprises;
  • the investment in building and infrastructure renovation that is often considered to be part of repair and maintenance and is therefore not included in national accounts as contributing to Gross Fixed Capital Fomation.

The need for these surveys is summarised under the "Survey Methodology" activity description. Details are available in the survey wiki.

Contributed survey

The FIDIC-EFCA Survey is asked from time to time to contribute to surveys being carried out by other organisations.

A relatively recent example is a report to UN Habitat concerning the Sustainable Development Gaol target 11.c.1. The issue here was to determine whether or not the investment in buildings and infrastructure could be estimated for countries that do not report this investment in their national accounts. Following the usual practice, a blog post summarises the report and the survey wiki gives further details.